How To Complete The Countdown Challenge In Resident Evil Village

As is the case with any game released for Xbox and PlayStation, Resident Evil Village comes with its own tailor-made Achievements/Trophies for completionists to flex their commitment over, but even reaching 100% on either of those is just the tip of the iceberg. While there’s a large degree of overlap between the two lists, Capcom’s in-built Challenge system is considerably more extensive and boasts tangible rewards for ticking them off to boot.

Every task completed here awards a varying quantity of Challenge Points (CP) depending on required skill and/or time investment, with one of the biggest payouts given by crossing off Countdown. This dastardly difficult mission asks that players accrue a grand total of 54,321 Lei in Ethan Winters’ wallet – no more, no less. The incredibly specific figure is definitely achievable but requires a great deal of legwork and self-restraint, as picking up just one Lei-filled purse dropped by an enemy – accidentally or otherwise – could ruin the entire attempt.

For that reason more than any other, it’s strongly recommended that you maintain a manual save file as a form of backup, especially as you’ll likely want to revert any sales required to hit the aforementioned magic number.

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First and foremost, anyone attempting the feat will need to empty their current wallet total. Buy any desired items (ammo is a reliable method of removing any single-digit leftovers) until you reach zero, and then sell the following items to the Duke.

  • GM 79 Grenade Launcher
  • 5 First Aid Meds
  • 1 Pipe Bomb
  • 3 Rifle Ammo

Follow all the above steps, and you should be left with 54,321 Lei. Your reward for this back and forth is 12,000 CP, which can be spent on unlocks such as infinite ammo and even bonus weapons such as the LZ Answerer, though you’ll need to master Resident Evil Village‘s Mercenaries Mode in order to get your hands on that one. See here for our full guide on how to snag the deadly Lightsaber.

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