How to complete the Daughters of Oryx Challenge in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2


The fourth encounter in the King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2 features the Daughters of Oryx. This encounter requires a bit of discussion with your team to figure out where they need to go and to learn what stage someone is at to advance to the final boss. For those adding more difficulties to this encounter, you can try completing the Under Construction challenge while battling these two Deathsingers. This guide covers how to complete the Daughters of Oryx Challenge in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2.

How to complete the Under Construction Challenge

The standard encounter featuring the Daughters of Oryx will have players standing on glowing plates. The real fight starts when a player kills a Taken Knight standing on one of these plates, forcing a player to get thrown into another plane of existence.

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While standing on this plate, the player will see a glowing symbol on one of the other plates. The player in another dimension will need to stand on the plate with the other player, and a third will go to the other glowing plate. Platforms will appear that the player in another dimension can see and then use to reach a top area to run through a symbol. Another Taken Knight will appear on these plates, and you will need to repeat the process until the third time. Now, the player interacts with the symbol and then groups up with their team to take the aura from the Deathsinger not glowing green to damage it. Your team will need to repeat this until both have been defeated back to back.

For the Under Construction Challenge, it is required that players do not stand on the same plate during this encounter. This means each time you go through these phases for the encounter, players will need to rotate what plate they stand on while defeating the Taken Knights and working their way to acquire the symbol. It will be a matter of keeping track of who has stood on which plate throughout the encounter and making sure players on your team know where they are going next after they’ve already done a plate.

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