Inscryption Blends Card Battles and Bleak Horror This Year

Devolver And Daniel Mullins Break Weird New Ground

There aren’t enough deeply unsettling card games out there. Devolver and Daniel Mullins Games are looking to fill this curious niche with Inscryption, a card battler with deep veins of horror just under the surface. There’s also horror on the surface. This is a spooky looking game, is what I’m saying.


For reference, this is the same developer that cooked up Pony Island and The Hex. So if you’re looking for something truly unhinged this year, you’re in luck! The trailer (embedded below) promises card battles, escape room style puzzles, and psychological damage you can’t defend against. Fun! I’m guessing there’s a lot of death and dismemberment in store if you lose these matches.

Plus, I can’t (much as I’ve tried) overstate the horror element at work here. Every match takes place in what looks like almost pure darkness. Rusted contraptions and rotten limbs come gliding out of the shadows. Even the cards themselves seem deeply cursed. Changing flavor text? Ominous threats and sinister promises? Sign me the heck up, please! Inscryption is set for release on Steam sometime later in 2021. You can check out the rest of Devolver Digital’s 2021 showcase right here.

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