Iron Man VR Update Adds New Game+ and More

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Iron Man+

A new Iron Man VR update, for the PlayStation 4 VR exclusive title that was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Camoflaj and Darkwind Media, has released today that including a New Game + mode.

The new 1.06 patch that is coming out today for Iron Man VR includes the New Game+ that will allow players to "re-experience the story without giving up your Research Points and unlocks for the Impulse Armor." It will only be available once players have completed the game. Another new addition is available if you've completed the game at Invincible difficulty, as a new Ultimate difficulty will be unlocked, so players will finally be able to become the ultimate Iron Man.

New weapons that are coming with the patch include The Continuous Beam Repulsor, which will allow Iron Man to sustain a beam for several seconds, dealing continuous damage as long as its being used, the EM Charge Cannon, which can fire a shot through hardlight shields that the Skull, Revenant, and Wight drones use, the Micro Swarm, which is a "intelligent anti-swarm weapon" that will allow Iron Man to disable large groups of enemies, and The Gravity Bomb, which is pretty much what it sounds like but also a little bit more, with Iron Man creating a singularity and trapping multiple enemies in the same spot, allowing the player to use Scatter Shot and Anti Armor Missile and do what Iron Man does best: blow stuff up.

There will also be new Custom Armor Decos and Challenges for players to collect and complete, as well as new quality of life features such as improved load times, skipping cinematics without loading on replay, and skippable side missions.

If you want to read the blog post, be sure to go here.

What do you think of the Iron Man VR update? Have you played Iron Man VR? If you have, let us know in the comments!

Iron Man VR


Iron Man VR Update Adds New Game+ and More

Iron Man+

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