Looking for a Nintendo Switch? The Lite is back in stock at Amazon



Nintendo Switch Lite

Ever since the lockdowns began, video game consoles have been hard to find. That’s especially true for Nintendo’s popular Switch and Switch Lite.

If you have been looking for a Switch and had no luck, we’re happy to report that the Switch Lite is back in stock at Amazon. Right now they only have the Gray and Turquoise.

How long will they remain in stock? That’s hard to say, given the shortages lately. But the $199.99 system is eligible for free Amazon Prime shipping.

The shortages seem to be the result of both increased demand and decreased supply. Early during the pandemic, production facilities in China closed. And as more people were stuck at home, interest in video games surged, exacerbating the supply shortage.

Have you purchased a video game console in the past couple months? Let us know in the comments below!

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