UHU Reveals Super Mario Adhesives Range

As September draws nearer, so too does Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary. Although Nintendo remains silent on the topic, that’s not stopping the company’s various licensing partners. In this case, an… unusual range of products (at least as it pertains to video game franchises!) has been unveiled: UHU is making a whole host of Super Mario-themed adhesives!

UHU, a German manufactuer, is part of the Bolton Group, which in turn is a very large international conglomerate that produces all sorts of different products, not the least of which being sustainable school supplies. These Super Mario adhesives are being targeted at kids, with the following items available bearing the titular plumber’s branding:

Pretty cool! Although sadly, UHU isn’t sold in the US, so odds don’t seem great for those of you reading from there to get a hold of any of this. That probably won’t stop folks from trying to import the goods, though! Are you desperate for Super Mario glue sticks? Tell us in the comments and on social media.

Source: UHU Product Page

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