Mario Kart Tour Adds Magikoopa Kamek To Playable Characters

It seems that there will never be an end to the content added to Mario Kart Tour, the mobile Mario Kart game that’s been around since 2019. Not too long ago, Mario Kart Tour added some retro tracks to their repertoire, including Cheep-Cheep Island. And now, Nintendo is adding yet another playable character to the game, Magikoopa Kamek.

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Magikoopa Kamek has been in numerous Mario games and even in Mario Kart, but never as a playable character before. The Mario Kart Tour official Twitter shared a post that reads “The Frost Tour is wrapping up in #MarioKartTour. Next up is the Kamek Tour, featuring RMX Ghost Valley 1!” Following this, they shared an image (featured below) with the caption, “In case the tour's name isn't a big enough hint, the new driver is hidden somewhere in this image…”

The Frost Tour referred to above included a remix of Vanilla Lake 1 and Penguin Mario, and the Kamek Tour will follow suit with a remix of Ghost Valley 1, so you’re not going to want to miss out on this.

In other Mario Kart news, Mario Kart 8 has once again taken a top spot in the UK’s boxed charts, despite its release all the way back in 2014. It seems that just like Grand Theft Auto 5, Mario Kart 8 is evergreen, and we won’t be seeing it make its way out any time soon.

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