Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Get Boltreaver Astalos

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is an homage to the overall Monster Hunter series that continues to grow. At launch, the game already featured a huge roster of familiar monsters that fans could obtain as companions for riding and battling. With periodic title updates, the number of obtainable monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2 only continues to increase. With the August 2021 title update, a new co-op boss has been added, along with two new possible Monsties. This guide will explain how Riders can get Boltreaver Astalos in Monster Hunter Stories 2 as a new addition to their party.

Since its launch, gamers who have kept up with Monster Hunter Stories 2 have already reaped the benefits of new title update additions. A week in, players were able to get Palamute Tickets that made it possible to hatch the popular Monster Hunter Rise companions from discoverable eggs. The August update added Boltreaver Astalos and Hellblade Glavenus. With multiple updates still to come throughout the year, fans still have plenty of Monsties to collect.

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Riders can search for Boltreaver Astalos eggs by taking on the (Explore) Thunder Eggs from the Quest Board. This is a Co-Op quest that gamers can do using multiplayer in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Players who plan to participate in this quest will have to exchange an Expedition Ticket, with higher tiers of Expedition Tickets yielding better Monster eggs during the quest.

During the quest, the player will explore a special den either alone or with one other companion player. As the quest name implies, all eggs from all the nests in the den will hatch into Thunder element Monsties. This means that the Thunder Eggs quest is great not only for obtaining Boltreaver Astalos but also for searching for other Thunder Monsters or farming up some Thunder Genes.

Completing the Thunder Eggs Co-Op Quest requires defeating the Boltreaver Astalos boss in the final nest of the den. While this could be considered the Monster's specific nest, it's actually possible to obtain Boltreaver Astalos eggs in any of the den's nests.

Hunting down Boltreaver Astalos can be beneficial for a few different reasons. Aside from being a solid addition to any party in its own right, Boltreaver also possesses the incredibly useful Azure Voltage Gene – and one of the best things about Monster Hunter Stories 2 is that genes like this can be transferred to other Monsties. As for weapons, the materials gathered from a fallen Boltreaver can be used to make a new Bow or Hunting Horn, both of which are among the best Thunder weapons of their type in the game.

Defeating Boltreaver Astalos and completing the Thunder Eggs quest is a small obstacle on a Rider's path towards getting a Boltreaver Astalos of their very own. Any player who has been engaging in Monster Hunter Stories 2's post-game content should be sufficiently leveled to handle the task. In the worst case, it's always possible to grab a friend to tackle the Co-Op Quest together.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is now available for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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