PSP Dungeon-Crawler Remake Fate/EXTRA Record Announced

Fate/EXTRA Record

UPDATE: We erroneously stated the Fate/Extra was originally on the PlayStation Vita. This has now been amended.

Type-Moon Studio BB have announced Fate/EXTRA Record, a remake of the 2010 PlayStation Portable dungeon-crawler JRPG.

The game was announced as part of the original game’s 10th anniversary. Set in an alternate universe of the Fate/stay night visual novel series, Hakuno Kishinami awakens in a virtual world with no memory of their past. Soon they are dragged into the war for the Holy Grail and the chance for a wish, all with their “Servant” by their side.

Players queue up several actions for their Servant to perform, unleashing them on the foe to ramp up the damage. Servants also have access to powerful Noble Phantasms to turn the tide of battle.

Details are scant on the remake at this time, with no news on even the platforms the game is coming to other than “current machines” (Translation: Google Translate). You can find the announcement trailer below.

Fate/EXTRA Record is coming soon to Japan.

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