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Should You Complete The Karim Benzema POTM Card In FIFA 22?

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Karim Benzema might be one of the most inform players in world football right now, so it seems fitting that he receives one of FIFA 22’s first big SBCs – a 91-rated POTM card.

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This SBC is available until the 22nd of October and comes in at 140,000 coins on PlayStation, 145,000 coins on Xbox, and 150,000 on PC. Benzema’s card is much, much cheaper than Ronaldo’s SBC, and that’s all you really need to know. Is it worth it? Here are the details.

Benzema’s FIFA POTM Stats


Benzema’s 91-rated card has received +2s and +3s pretty much across the board. His workrates remain the same, but these small boosts in key areas make this card look very good.

Key stats include:

  • 79 pace (80 Acceleration, 78 sprint speed, goes up by +5 to both with Engine chem style) which is actually plenty for this year’s FIFA.
  • 90 Dribbling (94 Reactions, 93 Ball Control) is fantastic on this card.
  • 88 Shooting (92 Attack Positioning, 92 Finishing) is also brilliant.

We’ve played with this card and Benzema has great shooting, reliable pace, and fantastic dribbling. The 4-star Weak Foot and 4-star Skills are more than enough at this stage in the game. He also feels pretty strong on the ball thanks to his 80 physical, with 84 Strength.

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Is Karim Benzema Worth It?


This is a very early SBC and still pretty expensive for this stage in the game. Taking a look at other strikers with a 91 rating shows how Benzema is actually pretty suitably priced: Mbappe is 1.6m and Ronaldo is 1.3m.

However, the closest resemblance to Benzema is actually Lewandowski’s 92-rated card. They share a lot of stats.

  • Benzema is a little faster, with an extra 3 points in acceleration.
  • Lewandowski’s shooting is superior in pretty much every area, with better finishing, positioning, and long shots.
  • Benzema’s dribbling is also better with better agility and reactions. That’s a pretty big difference in terms of the viability of the card.

The price difference between the two is pretty significant. Lewandowski is available for under 50,000 coins. He is in a different league, of course, but they share a lot of characteristics. If you’re looking for pure value to usability, then he’s a better choice.

We recommend trying out Benzema’s base card and his inform. If you enjoy playing with it, then there’s no reason not to upgrade to the POTM. Remember, though, that’s a lot of coins to sink into an untradeable player this early in the game.

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