Silent Hill 3 – 10 Reasons Why It Was One Hell of a Game

Whenever people think of Silent Hill, it’s either Silent Hill 2 or P.T. that come to mind. As such, Silent Hill 3 should be considered in the same regard, especially coming off of Silent Hill 2. But what made it so special? Here are ten key reasons. Be warned of spoilers, especially when it comes to the major twists.

The Protagonist

silent hill 3

Following the introspective look at James Sunderland and his actions in Silent Hill 2, it’s interesting to shift to Heather Mason as the new “hero.” From the outset, Heather is aloof and sarcastic, almost distant from the horrors unfolding around her. She’s conflicted about her existence. But following a tragedy that befalls her before venturing to Silent Hill, there is a resolve that builds, a determination to fight against The Cult. Perhaps most appealing is that in the midst of all this, Heather doesn’t come across as a typical “hero” but as an empathetic figure who seeks to stop The Order’s plans, like her father before her had done.

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