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Sony patents a way to connect Players to Expert Help while they play the Game

Sony has recently patented a way to connect Players to Expert Help in real-time during the Gameplay of a Gaming Application. Yes, you heard it right; you will get help from an expert. We do not know if the expert is some sort of AI or some actual representative at Sony. I think this is kind of weird since most people can just use YouTube if they are unable to do something in a game, but it might be helpful for people who barely play games.PIJKf9ArSjEjTSSrKseXBk5JWaHoLpf-2sJvTUmeLvLrgeZkE3yI4BLmLJMM7JoVFMAS7b-zSkZEMpcEh789rRUSjXSPDmrwf-8Op7F0z2SvsStdlzAgE9DFrQ2X_T8yX9aNjsqWRUFNeMAzKoBqQw0mAdQgyxJtF3ySByy-HesINjEPrONZYdL3Va2wrhfG?docId=id00000107634224
The patent image makes it look like Share Screen, but instead of a friend, there would be an expert. I am really interested to see what this actually turns out to be. I find it kind of funny that a thing like this is being made. This could turn out to be a very hated feature by hardcore players. I can already imagine the outrage; it’s cool for those who are unable to do puzzles or things in Games because of Accessibility Barriers. I really want to see how they will manage to recruit these “experts” and will these “experts” be just normal players or some actual “experts” who are very experienced at a particular game.
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