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64% свих ЕА игара на ПС4 и Ксбок Оне Овер Ласт 12 Месеци су били дигитални


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Digital media has been capturing more and more of the marketshare in recent years, and its growth has been impressive to see. Over the last year in particular, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital sales of games in the industry have been overtaking physical sales by significant margins, and EA – a company that is one among several publishers that has been pushing digital sales – has seen impressive growth as well.

Recently, in its latest quarterly financial report, the company confirmed that over the period of the last twelve months, of all the games it sold on the PS4 and Xbox One, 64% were sold digitally instead of through retail. Over the preceding twelve month period, that number stood at 49%, to give you an idea of the significant jump that COVID-19 has brought about in digital sales.

During their quarterly fiscal report, EA also confirmed that their subscription service EA Play now has nearly 13 million active players, following its integration with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The company also talked about its future plans for the Star Wars IP, while also confirming that Баттлефиелд 6 will be revealed this Spring.

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