Starfield Jail Guide – How does it work?


Are you curious to know how the Starfield jail system works? The space exploration by Bethesda Game Studios has plenty of planets to explore. During your travels, you will meet companions assisting you and joining your crew. However, if you seek additional help, you can recruit crew members that best suit your needs.

As you complete the main quest, you can join one of many factions, such as Constellation. However, not all factions are known for their excellent reputation. Of course, although you may not join the dark side, you can be caught pickpocketing. But follow this guide to learn more about how jail works in Starfield.

How does the jail system work in Starfield?

As you travel through the Settled Systems, you may be keen to enter the life of piracy and join the infamous pirate gang, the Crimson Fleet faction. However, what happens when you are caught with contraband or illegal substances? If you are caught with illegal items or a piece of contraband, you can face jail time. Additionally, if you commit a crime, you will be arrested.

Sometimes, to prevent punishment, you can elect to pay a fine and be on your merry way or resist and escape arrest. In addition, if you have a persuasion trait, the possibility of talking your way out with the UC security guards is higher.

You can land yourself in prison if you have been found with contraband, pickpocketing, or lockpicking. There will also be times when you want to dock a planet; you will be scanned for contraband items. These items are usually held in your cargo hold. If you don’t have a Shielded Cargo Hold, the chances of getting caught are higher by the United Colonies or Freestar Collective.

Will you lose items when you go to jail in Starfield?

When you go to jail, you will lose all the items you stole and a portion of XP. However, if you have chosen the life of crime, the longer you remain in jail, the higher your bounty will become.

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