Steam is getting shorter discount cycles

Steam is getting shorter discount cycles

Everyone loves a good deal on a great game. Nabbing a Steam discount on something that’s caught your eye is a great feeling, though if you miss the boat, you’ll have to wait for a ‘cooldown’ to tick down before there’s the chance it’ll get discounted again. The good news is that cooldown’s now coming down.

“Starting March 28, 2022, we’ll be shortening the required cooldown period between discounts on Steam to four weeks (28 days to be exact) from the previous six-week term,” Valve announces in a Steamworks Development post.

This means that, while the storefront currently requires a minimum of six weeks to pass between discounts on games or other products, as of March 28 that’ll be down to just 28 days. So, if you miss the chance to grab something at a lower price on Valve’s storefront, there’s a chance you won’t need to wait as long for it to go on sale again. Which is neat.

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