The best civilisations in Civilization 6

The best civilisations in Civilization 6

What are the best civilisations in Civilization VI? We've put together a guide that looks at which Civ 6 civs are best at which victory type. We don't list every Civ 6 civ, but we've showcased some 'best in style' civilisations for various end game strategies. This is based on the same principle as the best Civ 5 civs guide we also have.

Due to the way Civilization VI is designed you no longer have the highly specific, focused civs of the previous game. Most still tend to favour one area over others, but you'll often find various civs able to flex into a couple of different victory conditions (with one or two exceptions) which allows for some flexibility in how you play them.

This guide includes civilisations from the base game, as well as interesting new additions from the various Civ 6 DLC options that have been released to date, including the New Frontier Pass. These newer civs tend to have more exaggerated abilities targeting specific victory types. This list reflects the changes that Firaxis incorporated with Civilization 6’s April 2021 balance patch, which included modifications to more than half of existing civs. Credit to boesthius for his post-patch tier list video and to peppermint_butler for his post-patch tier list spreadsheet, both of which provided helpful insights.

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