Upcoming OW2 Patch to Bring Back and Fix Bastion and Torbjorn Issues


In the Upcoming Overwatch 2 patch on October 25, Blizzard will fix some bugs and issues affecting Bastion and Torbjorn. Both of these heroes have recently been pulled from Competitive Play because of Overload and Configuration Artillery bugs. Blizzard in its latest status update has also confirmed that both of these heroes will be back in the game with the upcoming patch.

A number of glitches have affected the Overwatch 2 game, such as Bastion’s Ultimate ability that lets players spam artillery multiple times. Another bug affected Torbjorn, which caused the Overload ability to last twice as long as intended. The company has notified players affected by these bugs and is working to resolve them.

When Bastion and Torbjorn will be back or return in Overwatch 2?

Blizzard has confimred that both Bastion and Torbjorn heroes will be available back in the OW2 game with the upcoming patch on October 25.

Blizzard has already issued an apology for the problems encountered during the Overwatch 2 launch. The game was taken offline for emergency maintenance, and the problem was not isolated to the game itself. Blizzard’s team has already removed the requirement for a phone number to launch the game, but the issue with Bastion and Torbjorn is still not solved yet.


Another issue with Bastion is that his Artillery Fire ultimate has a bug where only three targeting circles are visible. This bug allows the character to launch more shots than necessary, but it is not as devastating. The Overwatch community has already compared this bug to the AC-130 kill streak.

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