Watch CSGO cheaters get “punished” with fake cheat software


Nobody likes a cheat, but everyone loves a bit of karma – and now we have the perfect combination of the two, as someone has created bait software which forces wannabe Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheaters to throw themselves off the map. Amongst other things.

Created by YouTuber ScriptKid, the software BlueFlame doesn’t do exactly what it says on the tin. Instead of providing users with cheats for CSGO, those who download it are treated to a few special surprises. The latest “punishments” can prevent cheaters from opening doors (replacing the action with a loud knocking sound), replace bullets with blanks, or even force cheaters to throw their weapons (or themselves) off the edge of the map. If a cheater walks over a “tripwire” area of a CSGO map, they view a flashbang white-out, during which their weapon is removed… or they suddenly find themselves in mid-air.

In order to get cheaters to download the software, ScriptKid paid for advertising to make the website appear on Google searches for free CSGO hacks, and has so far spent “well over $2000” (£1553) over the course of all his fake cheat videos. ScriptKid is able to view every instance of his “cheats” being used, as his software sends him a recording of each match. Here’s the latest video compiling the clips, for your viewing pleasure:

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