Wu-Tang Clan RPG is real and sounds like Diablo meets Hi-Fi Rush

Wu Tang Clan

The game seems to have been in development for a long time (Source: Michael Ochs Archives)

Rumours of an Xbox exclusive action role-player featuring the Wu-Tang Clan have re-emerged, but it won’t be at The Game Awards.

The idea of a Wu-Tang Clan role-playing game sounds like something that was decided at random by picking two phrases out of a hat, but supposedly the project is not only real but three of the most reliable leakers all claim to have heard about it from their sources.

News first arrived, of a project named Shaolin, in 2021 via both Jeff Grubb and Windows Central’s Jez Corden. Now Tom Henderson has offered an update and a more detailed explanation of the gameplay.

The claim is still that it’s a third person melee-based action role-player with four player co-op, but according to Henderson Wu-Tang Clan members will contribute to the soundtrack – which is not something that was previously confirmed.

Supposedly, the game will feature music from the group’s entire back catalogue, which has been ‘re-imagined’ by DJ Just Blaze purely for the game.

According to Henderson, you can play as all nine members of the Wu-Tang Clan but only as a limited time buff, doing things like increasing your health and variety of moves. Presumably that means you’re playing as a different, perhaps player-created, character for most of the time.

Apparently, there’s lots of loot, weapons and gear to collect from defeated enemies and the music and combat are ‘intertwined’, perhaps something in the manner of Hi-Fi Rush.

Apart from the music angle, the loot and the co-op makes it sound very much like Diablo, especially the description of a ‘Neighbourhood’ social hub were you can sell your loot to other players.

Henderson has supposedly seen footage of the game and compares its animation style to Into The Spider-Verse, describing it as ‘bright, colourful, and anime-like’.

It’s estimated that the game is around two years from completion and that it will not be shown at The Game Awards tonight.

The headline of Henderson’s reveal, on Insider Gaming, implies that that the game is still an Xbox exclusive, as claimed by the earlier leaks, but he does not mention the game’s apparent exclusivity beyond that.

He does, however, repeat the suggestion that the developer is new studio Brass Lion Entertainment, who lists an unannounced action role-playing game as a project on their website.

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