Xbox Fan Shows Off Incredible Collection of 92 Controllers

As the device that connects gamers to the games they play, controllers are an important part of the gaming experience. Over the years, countless controllers have been released for players to use in games. From the motion controls of the Wii remote to controllers with back paddles for competitive titles, there’s a type of controller for every type of game. Recently, one fan revealed their love for controllers by showing off an extensive collection of Xbox controllers.

In a post on Reddit, one user known as killshot4077 unveiled an image of their Xbox controllers. The picture reveals rows upon rows of different types of Xbox controllers, many with different designs and color schemes. Despite noting that one of the controllers is not included in the picture, the Xbox fan said that the total amount equals 92. This is a staggering number of controllers for one person to own. After being asked about why they needs so many controllers, killshot4077 replied that they are collecting them. According to the collector, even though they still need quite a few more, they want to complete the full retail set.

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One of the more notable selections included in the picture is a Sea of Thieves-themed controller with the game’s skull logo placed just below the Xbox button. A couple of Star Wars-themed controllers as well as one with a Gears of War inspired design are seen in the collection. While most of the controllers found in the image are different color variations of the Xbox One controller, killshot4077 showed off the hulking case of a classic Xbox Duke controller at the top of the image as well.

The current count is 92 controllers! (One isn’t pictured as it’s still in the cyberpunk Xbox one x packaging) from

The Xbox community on Reddit has taken notice of this impressive collection of Xbox controllers from killshot4077. With over 1,500 upvotes, fans are impressed by the extent of the collection. Others have commented on the amount of batteries it would take to run all of the controllers. In addition to these 92 controllers, the collector revealed that they have 11 Xbox consoles as well.

The amount of available Xbox controllers killshot4077 needs to complete their collection is soon to expand as a new Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Series 2 controller was recently unveiled. Announced alongside the limited edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X, this newest color scheme for the Elite Series 2 has the iconic green from the Master Chief’s MJOLNIR armor. There is a new colorful Forza Horizon 5 Xbox controller available for pre-order as well.

Unfortunately, gamers are still having a rough time finding Xbox Series X/S consoles to pair with the company’s wide variety of controllers. Launching amid problems relating to chip shortages and the pandemic, the new Xbox consoles have been difficult to find. According to new reports, the Xbox Series X supply shortage might continue for at least another year.

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