Xbox Series S GPU Has 20 CUs Running at 1.550 GHz – Rumor

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With Halo Infinite delayed and the Xbox Series X dated for November, it seems that the Xbox Series S has been pushed to the wayside. Codenamed “Lockhart”, rumors for the console have been circulating for a while now but an official reveal has yet to happen. Thankfully, new bits and pieces continue to be doled out by The Verge senior editor Tom Warren.

Warren revealed back in June that the lower-cost console would run at the same CPU speed as the Xbox Series X. He noted that GPU frequency and CU counts would be the main differing factor. In a recent tweet discussing TweakTown’s breakdown of both consoles, Warren said that the GPU consisted of 20 CUs running at 1.550 GHz compared to the Xbox Series X’s 52 CUs at 1.825 GHz.

Warren also said he believes the console will support ray-tracing. He also commented on backwards compatibility without a disc drive, noting that, “There have been rumors of a digital switch over where you send discs to Microsoft etc.” Of course, he’s still not “100 percent sure” how this will be handled.

Stay tuned for more official details in the coming weeks especially with the rumored Xbox Series X details now planned for September and Gamescom just around the corner.

so @TweakTown did a great overview of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S specs. Here’s one of the missing gaps ?

20 CUs @ 1.550Ghz

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) August 18, 2020

yes, I believe it will

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) August 18, 2020

I am not 100% sure on how they’ll handle it, but there have been rumors of a digital switch over where you send discs to Microsoft etc. I honestly hope they do this

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) August 18, 2020

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