Zynga delays Star Wars: Hunters’ worldwide launch into next year

There’s a bit of bad news for anyone looking forward to the arrival of free-to-play arena shooter Star Wars: Hunters; developer Zynga has announced it’s delaying the game’s full release into 2023 in order to ensure it “meets the high expectations we are setting”.

This isn’t the first delay for Star Wars: Hunters, of course; announced back in February 2021 for Switch, iOS, and Android, the game was originally expected to launch later that year, but eventually saw its full release pushed into 2022. Zynga has, however, managed to soft launch the game in select territories in the interim, so there are at least some players who’ve had the opportunity to try it in that time.

Announcing a second delay for the game’s full release on Twitter, Zynga explained, “We are working tirelessly to achieve our vision for Star Wars: Hunters. Our ambition is to create a competitive battle arena game that will entertain for years to come. To ensure we meet the high epgetation we are setting for fans globally and ourselves as developers we have made the decision to delay the worldwide launch of Star Wars: Hunters [to 2023].”

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