Kirby’s Dream Buffet Brings Four-Player Competition This Summer


Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Most fans probably (rightly) didn’t expect to see a new Kirby game so soon given Kirby and the Forgotten Land just launched this past March (we loved it, by the way). As it so happens, Nintendo is already gearing up for the pink puffball’s next adventure: a four-player competitive multiplayer game for Switch. Here’s a first look at Kirby’s Dream Buffet:

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a four-player multiplayer experience where everyone competes to gobble up the most strawberries and dominate their opponents. It’s a bit like Fall Guys, from the sound of things, but with that distinctive Kirby flair (including Copy Abilities). Here’s the synopsis straight from Nintendo:

Roll through a smorgasbord of food-themed stages in 4 rounds of 4-player fun as Kirby… who seems rounder than usual? Race through delicious obstacle courses to collect strawberries as Kirby grows. Then, turn the tides in the final round—a fruity fight atop a floating platform.

  • Roll through delicious, food-themed obstacle courses in 4-player matches
  • Collect strawberries to grow bigger and prepare for the final battle

No word just yet on pricing or a release date beyond that nebulous summer launch window, but we do know that the game will be an eShop exclusive. As we learn more about Kirby’s Dream Buffet, so will you. In the interim, let us know what you think of the game so far in the comments!

Source: Nintendo of America Press Release

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