Battlefield 2042’s 4.0 update brings VOIP and countless fixes, but don’t expect new content or major overhauls

As promised, the major Battlefield 2042 patch DICE has been talking about for weeks is here. Update 0.4.0 arrived this morning on all platforms, boasting a long list of changes, fixes, and a new feature or two.

The patch’s biggest new addition is VOIP for parties and squads, which arrives months after release. The recently added traditional scoreboard now also appears at the end of round. That pretty much concludes the list of basic features in this update that Battlefield 2042 shipped without.

The remaining patch notes address a number of changes made in response to player feedback, as well as bug fixes for long-standing and new problems alike. More broadly, today’s update brings the first set of changes to Specialists. Though far from being overhauls, the list includes changes to the Traits of Rao, and Paik, as well as improving the consistency of Sundance’s anti-armour grenades.

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