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15 Best Games of 2001

Video games have gone through their share of changes and evolutions over the years. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to look back and appreciate the games of old which either shaped genres as we know them today or provided unforgettable experiences. So two decades later, let’s take a look back at 15 of the best games from 2001.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary PC

From being a third person shooter on the Mac to a first person shooter exclusive to Xbox, Bungie’s IP saw its fair share of changes. When it debuted, it presented incredible gun play, well-crafted missions and large sandbox-like levels that rewarded all kinds of play-styles. All of this along with Marty O’ Donnell’s stellar score turned Halo into a juggernaut and Microsoft into a venerable gaming force for years to come.

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