DC Comics May Have Just Leaked Upcoming Fortnite-Batman Crossover

New DC Fandome Trailer May Have Just Revealed an Upcoming Crossover Between Fortnite and Batman Fortnite’s much-awaited official crossover with Robert Pattinson’s Batman may have just been leaked by DC Comics themselves. Fans of the caped crusader have been able to play as their favourite DC character for a while now—as Batman was officially added … Read more

Recent Comments Are Good for Fable’s Release Date

In a game industry that's increasingly dominated by early game announcements, release dates have become much harder to nail down. Xbox Game Studios, for instance, is packed with coveted games that don't look like they'll get release dates anytime soon, from The Outer Worlds 2 to Avowed to Perfect Dark. Yet another project that doesn't … Read more

Apex Legends Patch 10.1 Will Remove Tap-Strafing

In a controversial move, the folks behind Apex Legends have announced that the game’s upcoming patch will remove tap-strafing. This is a form of movement that mainly PC gamers use that allows them to take sharp turns and evade opponents. The announcement was made Tuesday by Respawn’s official Twitter. In the tweet, Respawn acknowledged that … Read more

Bethesda’s Starfield Will Not Be Coming to PlayStation

Starfield Devs Confirm That the Game Is Not Coming to the PS5 Starfield will continue to be an Xbox exclusive, as stressed—once again—by Bethesda and Xbox executives. Bethesda Global Marketing SVP Pete Hines’s recent comments fanned flames that some of their games like Starfield could be coming to the PS5 in the near future. “It … Read more

Fortnite Leaker Teases New Batman Crossover Event

Batman fans have been able to play as their favorite caped crusader in Fortnite for a while now, but more Batman content may be coming soon. Batman was added to Fortnite back in Season 6, but according to a leaker, a new crossover event will be coming to the game. According to a Fortnite leaker … Read more

Colony builder Surviving Mars gets underground-focused expansion next week

Paradox Interactive's colony builder Surviving Mars, which officially resumed development earlier this year under the watchful eye of Abstraction Games, is getting a brand-new expansion, titled Below and Beyond, next Tuesday 7th September, Surviving Mars – which challenges players to rejuvenate the wastes of the red planet, transforming it into a thriving colony of shimmering … Read more

New Metroidvania Crowsworn has Spandex-Tight Controls

New metroidvania Crowsworn is a recent Kickstarter funded game that puts players into a ruined yet gorgeous, hand-drawn world, all with “spandex-tight” controls to boot. Crowsworn is planned for a release across Windows PC (via Steam), Mac, and Linux, as well as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft consoles – however developer Mongoose Rodeo notes as we … Read more