Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Extract Walkthrough

You've found Dr. Hoenikker, but now you need to get him off the Katanga in one piece. Priority One: Extract is the final mission of the first campaign in Aliens: Fireteam Elite, and it's a tricky one.

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Hoenikker will join your team, but he doesn't have any weapons. You need to use everything that you have learned so far to keep him alive and get him back to the Endeavour safely.

This guide will cover everything that you need to know about Priority One: Extract in Aliens: Fireteam Elite.

Priority One: Extract Walkthrough


When Extract begins, hop off the elevatorand head forward through the doors. Continue down the corridors until you come to a large flooded room.

As you move through the flooded chamber, a swarm of Xenomorphs will charge towards you. Get ahead of Hoenikker and kill them before they get close.

In the next room, you will see that there are corridors on either side and another ahead of where you came in. Xenomorphs will attack from every side, so have a teammate set up at each corridor so that Hoenikker is defended from any enemies.

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There aren't any special Xenomorph variants in this fight, so it should be fairly simple. When the attack ends, continue toward the objective. There's nothing to find in either of the side corridors, so you can skip those.

Follow the path toward the objective until you come to some stairs. Be careful as you go down, as a Prowler can be found waiting to pounce on the stairwell.

When you reach the bottom, you will find that this whole level of the Katanga has flooded, so you need to turn around and head through Waste Processing instead.

How To Get Out Of Waste Processing


As you enter the Waste Processing room, you'll find that this is also flooded. This time, you need to drop down into the water and make your way through the room. When you drop down, Xenomorphs will start attacking until you make it to the other side of the water.

To survive this attack, you'll want a weapon that can damage multiple enemies at once. Switch to your CQC weapon if you have one and use that to thin the swarms.

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Continue toward the objective until you find a door that has no power. This is the only exit, so you need to turn around and activate the backup generator. This will initiate a large battle, but luckily there are some supplies that you can grab first.

Refill your ammo, grab the medkit, and use the incendiary rounds from the nearby crate. When you are ready, activate the generator to start the fight.


Unlike similar battles in previous missions, you'll need to focus your attention on protecting Hoenikker when this swarm attacks.

There will be five waves of Xenomorphs to kill in this battle. The first few waves consist of standard Xenomorph variants, so these aren't too difficult. However, you will find Prowlers and Bursters during waves four and five, so save your abilities and skills for these harder enemy types.

When the fight ends, you need to head to the other side of the room and interact with a Synth to download some data that will unlock the exit and allow you to continue through the Katanga.

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Continue through the following corridors until you come to a room with large pipes along the roof. Xenomorphs will attack shortly after you enter, so find a corner where you can protect Hoenikker and defend against the enemies.

After a brief attack, you can continue towards the objective. When you enter the next large room, you will find an ammo box. Use it to restock, and then head toward the exit to find that this door is also locked. Scan all of the Synths in the room to find the door code, and then interact with the door to exit.


Run through the next corridor and up the stairs until you reach the Beltway. When you enter, turn left and go down some stairs to find a piece of intel on top of a barrel. Grab the intel to unlock new dialogue options back at base.

Follow the Beltway to the end and enter Hangar Delta. Head toward the dead bodies to continue the mission. However, when you enter, you should climb the stairs on the left first to find a Hidden Cache.


Once you have found the Hidden Cache, investigate the dead bodies to learn more about how the Katanga fell to the Xenomorphs. When you're ready, continue into the next hangar and onto the platform to resupply. When you are ready, you can start the final fight of the campaign.

How To Complete The Landing Sequence


When you initiate the landing sequence, swarms of Xenomorphs will attack. Unlike previous missions, you won't just need to stand in one place and defend for a set amount of time. Instead, you need to assist with the landing sequence by completing three objectives if you want to leave the Katanga alive.

First, you need to pressurize the hydraulics for the main doors, which will allow them to open. To do this, come down from the landing platform and down the stairs to the left. This will lead down to a lower chamber with a valve that you can interact with.

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When this is complete, head back upstairs and survive until you get another objective. Next, you need to unlock the main bay doors using a console. From the platform, head left and up some stairs to find a walkway with the console at the end. Interact with it to complete this objective.

Go back to the platform and keep defending until you are told to use the main console to confirm the launch.

From the platform, head across to the other end of the hangar to find the main console. When you activate it, endless swarms of Xenomorphs will charge into the hangar, so be ready to run.

Interact with the main terminal, and then sprint back to the platform to board the ship and escape the Katanga, completing Priority One: Extract.

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