Among Us Devs Speak Out About Fortnite’s Suspiciously Familiar ‘Impostors’ Mode

Fortnite Impostors

Yesterday, Epic Games unveiled Fortnite's brand new 'Imposters' mode – a new way to play which, let's face it, is identical to Among Us. Epic's world-dominating battle royale game has never been shy of taking other people's ideas for its own, but yesterday's announcement caused quite the stir for just how blatant everything was.

Understandably, then, some of the creative folk behind the real Among Us aren't best pleased with how the situation has gone down. As spotted by Eurogamer, several key figures behind the creation of Innersloth's social online multiplayer hit have spoken out on Twitter to express their frustration or vent their feelings.

InnerSloth co-founder Marcus Bromander explains that, rather commendably, the team didn't patent Among Us' mechanics as "I don't think that leads to a healthy game industry." Clearly, the thought was that other studios should be able to make their own creations inspired by Among Us' gameplay, but not quite like this. "Is it really that hard to put 10% more effort into putting your own spin on it though?" he says.

Among Us community director Victoria Tran adds to this, suggesting that "at the very least even different themes or terminology makes things more interesting."

Programmer Gary Porter shows just how similar even the map design appears to be.

And Adriel Wallick, Innersloth's lead Unity programmer, summed things up by sharing the 'You made this? I made this' comic.

Interestingly, it appears that the whole situation could have actually been avoided, too. Responding to a Twitter user, Bromander reveals that the Among Us team had been in contact with Epic Games to work on an official collab without any luck.


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