Apple’s AR Headset Once More Plagued By Delays, Now Said To Launch In June Instead Of April


The launch of Apple’s AR headset was said to happen before this year’s WWDC keynote, but just like what earlier reports have mentioned, delays keep haunting the head-mounted wearable. Instead, the mixed reality headset is now said to launch in June, as Apple polishes the issues in an attempt to provide its customer base with a market-ready product.

Apple’s AR headset like to be announced at WWDC 2023, with a software preview possibly provided too

Previously slated for an April launch, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman provides an update on the Apple AR headset launch. In the report, he mentions that the device is expected to see an unveiling during the technology giant’s WWDC keynote. Given that Apple continues to push the launch timeline, it is likely that the AR headset is riddled with software issues, as previously reported.

It is possible that the hardware problems have been sorted, but the report still mentions that Apple is working on a few kinks in the armor after continued testing. Multiple outlets claim that the headset will only target a minor percentage of customers, meaning that the price might jump between $2,000 and $3,000, which is not exactly affordable for many. In the event that there are more software issues discovered, Apple will receive a barrage of criticism for charging customers a ridiculous sum for releasing a half-baked product.

Named the Reality Pro and reportedly running newly developed software called xrOS, the AR headset will be the first product from Apple in this category, so we should have expected that the company would experience its fair share of roadblocks. From overheating issues to hand and eye control functions to weight balancing and more, it might not be difficult to assume that Apple’s engineers and software developers could be a little nervous about the impending launch.

It is possible that even though the AR headset gets unveiled at WWDC, Apple ends up putting the device for sale a few weeks after its inception. A lot could go the company’s way, and a ton could end up going against it, but we will keep you in the loop, so stay tuned.


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