Battlefield 2042 has been unveiled – here’s what’s coming

Battlefield 2042 has been unveiled – here’s what’s coming

Exciting news, FPS games fans – EA has revealed a whole bunch of info on the next instalment of its long-running Battlefield series. Called Battlefield 2042, the next game will take us into a wartorn, dystopian future, with a bunch of new features, locations, and key changes to classes – and the release date is set for October.

As its name implies, the next Battlefield is set in the year 2042. That might be just 21 years from our real-world time, but life in the game will be very different to what we know. Earth is on a knife edge, with shortages of food and natural resources meaning a whole lot of nations have fallen and a refugee crisis has emerged on a whole new scale. The USA and Russia are drawing the world into a global conflict, and the non-patriated – 'no-pats', as they're called in Battlefield 2042 – are split across both sides, trying to fight for their futures in an uncertain world.

This conflict and chaos will reach across three distinct multiplayer offerings: All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and another, which has yet to be revealed. The first of these is the next generation of popular Battlefield modes Conquest and Breakthrough, EA has announced, which will bring the biggest maps the series has ever seen, with up to 128 players duking it out. The mode's large-scale battles will fold in systems like dynamic weather, dangerous environmental hazards, and big world events.

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