Black Adam MultiVersus Guide – This Anti-hero isn’t playing around

While the Black Adam movie isn’t that intriguing, however, his moveset in MultiVersus is quite the opposite. With his electrical powers, he can create shields, sling lightning bolts, and glide into the sky. This Multiversus Black Adam guide will show all of this anti-hero’s best moves, his weaknesses, and the best way to play him.

MultVersus Black Adam Move List

Standard attacks

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Black Adam has one of the best neutral attacks in the game. Like Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he charges his attack and then wallops an opponent into the air. It causes great knockback and will leave your opponents shocked. It deals about 15 damage if the attack lands.

While pressing X (or square on PlayStation) in the air, Black Adam claps his hands and launches opponents sideways. It’s not as powerful as his neutral, but it’s an effective off-stage attack. It can certainly finish the job of taking out a stock, but you’ll need to time it just right.

Moving sideways and pressing X (square) has Black Adam dish out a spicy, electrifying combo. After a few hits, he slams his opponent on the ground and slings them to the opposite side of the stage. It does around 12 damage, but it can’t be followed up with an attack like Call The Heavens, unfortunately. Your sideways attack in the air can volley your opponent in the air with a simple two-hit combo of a jab and an uppercut. It dishes out eight damage, and this air attack can be great in situations when the foe has 120% to their name.

Call The Heavens is utilized by moving up and pressing X (square). It rains down lightning as Black Adam creates an arc of energy above him. It’s a great air attack that can also uppercut from the ground. The lighting is on a cooldown, so try not to spam the move over and over. The lightning itself causes 5%, while the attack dishes out 6%. Keep in mind that the lightning will not show up in its airborne variation.

Down and X (square) has Black Adam mightily crush the ground, and a lightning bolt will emerge below his victim. The move itself does around 5% of damage, but when you have some lightning “ammo,” it will cause an additional 6%. The lightning is summoned quicker when the attack is charged. This ability works well with Call The Heavens as it can uppercut the foe into the air and then can be followed up.

While using down and X in the air, Black Adam has a devastating kick that can be charged for greater effect. It’s an unorthodox horizontal spike that can surprise your opponent. It causes 7-9% of damage, depending on if you hold the button or not.

Special Attacks

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Black Adam’s mastery of lightning can be observed through his neutral special Aton’s Havoc. It’s a grab move that, while utilized, can be used toss your opponent up or down. It does 6-7% of damage initially, but it lingers on your foe as a burn would. Black Adam’s neutral special in the air has the anti-hero focusing his energy and redirecting projectiles back to his enemies. Using this, you can even cancel out Bugs Bunny’s rocket, for example.

Zehuti’s Foresight can be unleashed by going sideways and pressing Y (triangle). Black Adam dashes to the left or the right and leaves behind a ball of electricity. It will then jolt back towards the ancient hero, hitting any enemies that stand in its way. It causes 6% of damage, but this dash can be excellent for mobility with this relatively slow character. It’s a great getaway move if you’re struggling in an exchange.

Black Adam can fly in the sky briefly if you press up and Y (triangle). It’s quite risky as it leaves you more open to ring outs, but if you need to get out of a situation, it can be a great tool. It’s also an amazing recovery move.

Next, Black Adam can create a shield with down and Y (triangle), which can block projectiles from entering, but it’s very limited as it fades away quickly. Opponents can also enter the shield whenever they like. It’s one of Black Adam’s worst moves, but it can be a defensive tool when used properly.

Lastly, down and Y (triangle) in the air has Black Adam reign down two lightning bolts from the sky. They deal between 4-5% each strike and lift your opponent into the sky for a brief moment of time. There are times when this antihero is stuck in the air after throwing these bolts, so Black Adam is left open. Like the shield, it’s one of his weaker moves that you likely won’t use often. The knockback is poor too.

Most Effective Perks for Black Adam

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Black Adam is a strong individual that packs a punch with his physical attacks. His lightning can shock his opponents too. With those factors in mind, here are his most effective perks in MultiVersus.

  • Circuit Breaker, when his opponents are shocked, will allow Black Adam to cause more damage against his attackers.
  • Percussive Punch Power improves Black Adam’s horizontal attacks by 5%. His kick from the air is uniquely horizontal, and most of his attacks are in this direction.
  • Armor Crush lets Black Adam’s already powerful charged neutral attack break an opponent’s armor.
  • Tasmanian Trigonometry will give Black Adam’s strong attacks an additional 25% knockback.

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