14 Games To Play If You Love Yakuza | Game Rant


The Yakuza series launched in 2005 to great success in Japan and developed a cult following in the West. yet, it wasn't until the 1980s set Yakuza 0 introduced the series to a more mainstream audience. The games feature semi-open and faithfully recreated Japanese settings of set in and around famous Tokyo cities and redlight … Read more

20 Games To Play If You Liked Fire Emblem | Game Rant


Many gamers who purchased Fire Emblem: Three Houses back in July are probably on the look-out for similar games right about now. The formula of squad-based tactical gameplay, blended with RPG elements, and set in a fantasy world is not unique to the Fire Emblem series. RELATED: Fire Emblem: The Best (And Worst) Romances Games … Read more

Twitch to Ban the Use of Simp, Incel, and Virgin


Twitch COO Sarah Clemens has announced upcoming policy changes will ban the use of the words simp, incel, and virgin as an insult. The announcement came during the Twitch Town Hall livestream, discussing changes coming to the streaming platform in the future. One of the hot topics of the livestream was the recent spate of … Read more