Best Offline Nintendo Switch Games | Game Rant


The Nintendo Switch is a handy and innovative little system that allows players to take their games with them everywhere they go. As such, many of the games that have been released for the Switch have been specifically designed so that they don't require an internet connection in order to be enjoyed. RELATED: Open-World Switch … Read more

20 Best Minecraft Shaders (2021) | Game Rant


If you're a fan of Minecraft but terribly bored with how the game looks and feels, shaders are the perfect way to make things more interesting. What these mods do is tweak the graphics and the lighting of the game to create a better atmosphere. Lights and shadows tend to be more realistic and look … Read more

Someone should make a game about: Dishwashing


  Not to brag but I am probably one of the three best washer-uppers in the world. First proper job at a fancy creperie in my early teens. Just me and a WinterHalter 2000 keeping the kitchen in business. I would work ludicrous shifts and then go home soaked, like I had survived something. Really … Read more

25 Hidden Locations Even Expert Players Still Haven’t Found In Diablo III


Blizzard Entertainment has been around for about 27 years and has given us hundreds of fond memories. From the rise of the Lich King, to the swarm of Zerglings rushing our base, to the founding of Overwatch. With Blizzard’s love for storytelling and world building also comes their love for easter eggs and hidden secrets. … Read more