Crystal Dynamics And Eidos Montreal To Release Five AAA Games By March 2028


Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal are set to release five AAA games by March 2028, parent company Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors confirmed.

As reported by VGC, the company’s CEO confirmed the news during its quarterly earnings presentation today. Embracer Group considers triple-A games titles with over 100 full-time developers working on them, a significant marketing budget, and are expected to sell at least two million units. For games whose development is paid for by an external partner, Embracer must also have a significant economic upside.

During the presentation, CEO Lars Wingefors didn’t say more about these games, so we don’t know exactly what Crystal Dynamics and Eidos will release in the next five years. We do know that a new Tomb Raider game is in development, alongside the Perfect Dark reboot, which is being developed together with The Initiative, so these two are probably among the five mentioned by the Embracer CEO. Following the acquisition last year, Crystal Dynamics confirmed they have control of several game franchises, including Legacy of Kain, so there’s the chance that some of the studio’s classic series that have been put on hiatus may receive a brand new entry by March 2028.

Hopefully, the upcoming five games will prove to be better than Crystal Dynamics’ latest game, Marvel’s Avengers. While the core experience was solid, the games as a service model did not do the game any favor. After two and a half years of support, no more content will be added to the game after the final update launching on March 31st.

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