Cult of the Lamb Update 1.06 Reverts The Game To Stable Version

The recent update for the game brought major bugs that negatively affected the gaming experience, so Cult of the Lamb Update 1.06 fixes these issues by reverting the game back to version 1.015.

Cult of the lamb’s new update is tagged as dev version 1.0.16 and brings about tweaks to performance and bug fixes to provide players with a generally improved experience. They’ve acknowledged the issues facing the game, and the userbase can look forward to a future update that brings back the new features completely fixed, in all their glory.

General changes

  • A specific important follower will not give generic follower requests anymore.
  • Aged lovers have a good option for smooching their elderly lovers.
  • The application doesn’t pause when defocused when outside full-screen mode.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed build progress indicators disappearing under some circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where buildings could be removed while upgrading them
  • Fixed various ritual soft locks
  • Fixed confession booth soft lock
  • Fixed additional UI that did not adhere to text scaling accessibility setting
  • Fixed grave not functional after resurrecting dead buried follower

Cult of the lamb is a popular rogue-like based around a possessed lamb who is given the important task of making a cult in an attempt to satisfy the mysterious deity that was responsible for saving the player character’s life. It is an action-adventure game that uses its rogue-like features to let players venture out on crusades and get past the five regions in the game by defeating enemies and growing their followers.

Developer Massive Monster rolled out the update on Playstation, Xbox, and PC on September 20th..

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