Destiny 2: Beyond Light Guide – How to Solo Legendary and Master Lost Sectors

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Legendary and Master Lost Sectors aren’t necessarily a “new” activity with Destiny 2: Beyond Light but they do work a bit differently. On Europa and the Cosmodrome, you’ll notice certain Lost Sectors having bigger icons than usual. These have fairly high Power requirements, different modifiers, Champions and limited Revives. While Legendary Lost Sectors require 1250 Power, Master Lost Sectors require 1280. Defeating Champions will provide additional Revive Tokens but spending more than 15 minutes in the Lost Sector can strip those away. Nevertheless, play it carefully.

There is an incentive for playing them especially solo. While you get Enhancement Cores while completing them with friends, it’s possible to net the new Exotics while playing solo. The Lost Sector in question will specify what slot the Exotic drops are for and the chances of getting a new Beyond Light Exotic is strong. Not “guaranteed” but still pretty strong.

The gear type offered will rotate each day so you can check back when looking for something specific (like the new Dawn Chorus helm for the Dawnblade class, which is excellent). Battling through the Lost Sectors can be tough especially on Legendary – you’ll need Barrier and Overload mods for staggering the Champions but even regular foes can be an issue if Match Game and Extra Shields are active. These ensure that enemies will take less damage from weapons with unmatched elemental damage. Knowing which foes appear in which Lost Sector is thus important.

Charged With Light mods can be difficult to maintain if you’re not producing enough Orbs or killing enough foes. If you have the DPS though, Protective Light, Taking Charge and Swift Charge can be useful. Utilize the new Stasis classes’ Duskfield Grenade for taking down Overload Champions – equip the new Surge Eater and Thermal Overload since these will disrupt said Champions and recharge grenade energy when doing so. The Lament is excellent for bursting down both Overload (after disruption) and Barrier Champions but if you have mods on other weapons for those, then Anarchy, Eyes of Tomorrow and even Izanagi’s Burden can be good.

For more tips, check out Ehroar’s guide below on soloing Legendary Lost Sectors.

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