E3 2021: Breath of the Wild 2 Coming 2022, New Trailer Dropped

Although still being referred to as “the sequel to” The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the latest teaser released by Nintendo has gone a long way towards giving the game its own distinct identity. The trailer for Breath of the Wild 2 isn’t especially long, but it offers some tantalizing looks at enemies, Link, and possible story elements throughout. You can watch it for yourselves:

Breath of the Wild 2 seems to have a number of changes in store. Link can now explore a whole new area up in the clouds (not unlike Skyward Sword HD, but I digress). What’s more, Link appears at points in the trailer to have a more barbarian, savage-like quality to him that he didn’t have in the first game. There’s not much else—Zelda sucked into a portal, a creepy corpse-like figure—but the sights of new and old enemies, fresh areas to explore, and the thought of returning to this version of Hyrule once more is exciting nonetheless. Breath of the Wild 2 comes to Switch in 2022.

Source: E3 Nintendo Direct 06.15.21

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