Extreme disc sport sequel Windjammers 2 launching in January

Dotemu, the developer and publisher of beloved 2D revivals of retro franchises such as Streets of Rage and Wonder Boy, announced the release date for its latest revival project, beach sport sequel Windjammers 2, for January 20, bringing a bit of summer fun to get us through the cold winter.

Following in the footsteps of Windjammers, the cult classic Data East game for the Neo Geo, Windjammers 2 showcases a unique take on disc-based video game sports, complete with a cast of ten varied characters to play as, ten different courts to battle it out on, and a bevy of new mechanics accompanying an already fully featured game system.

The release date trailer leans hard into the comic book stylings and showcases the high-speed discus action that the original was known for while showing off the different modes like Arcade Mode, Disc Attack, and Hot Dog Distance.

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