EZ Desk Carbon Edition Review – Premium Minimal Gaming Desk At Its Best

I spent much of my time in college sitting behind a desk in my apartment either doing homework or playing my PlayStation 3. In my small apartment with two other people, we used what space we could. This makes a great desk an indispensable asset to many people. With this in mind, does the EZ Desk Carbon Edition hit the mark for all your gaming needs?

EZ Desk Carbon Edition Review

Measure Up

The surface area of the EZ Desk measures out at 140 centimeters long by 60 cm wide by 1.5 cm thick, or about 5.5 feet by 2 feet by 0.5 inches. For the sake of science, I can place a PS5, a 24” PlayStation Monitor, and my phat PS3 along the back side of the desk. While this setup crowds the back of the desk, I still have a good third of the desk front at my disposal for a keyboard and mouse or a drawing space.

Just set your computer tower underneath along one of the two legs, and you have a full setup on one piece of furniture. This desk also holds up to 80 kilograms, or 175 pounds. Even with the combined weight of the phat PS3, PS5, and monitor, you can still house more things on it if you wish. Not bad for a desk that relatively only weighs about 23 kilograms (50 pounds).

This desk also comes with height adjustment, allowing you to raise it from 74 centimeters to 199 centimeters, or about 2.5 feet to just short of 4 feet. This acts as a fully-functioning standing desk as well, giving you the option to sit at the desk with slow moving games or jump and yell when someone knocks you off the course.

I must mention that I also appreciate the height of this desk because I prefer to sit cross legged. Being 6 feet tall, doing this at a desk usually requires leaning way over while pushing my knee into the front of the desk. If the lowest height still doesn’t work for you, the desk raises up to make room.

Simple And Clean

The EZ Desk has a lot going on with it, but it never presents as flashy. A mechanism and rotor are mounted underneath the desk, complete with cord managers, and a combination cup holder/headset rack sticks out on the right side. Both your drink and desk controls stay at easy access but out of the way.

In reference to the cup holder, I appreciate that it sits below the desk in case I inadvertently swing my arm around and knock my cup over, keeping most of the contents off the desk.

The surface looks and feels sleek with a subtle metallic matting across the entire desktop. On the middle back of the desk sit two mounted plastic pieces that also act as cord managers. Two traditional circular cutouts side on each side of these mounted plastic pieces, allowing for even more ways to keep your setup looking discreet.

The legs themselves feel heavy, keeping the desk nice and sturdy. Much of the weight in the legs comes from the built-in mechanisms used to raise and lower the desk. The feet stretch out a foot forward and backward, offering a wide base to disburse the weight in the legs.

Warm Up Your Wallet

The biggest key factor to consider with this desk is the price tag, which sits normally at £299.99. This equates to around $405 at the time of publication. Considering the target audience, this desk presents itself as a premium product intended for gamers with the excess income to afford it.

Please understand: Its construction and functionality justify the cost and it prices competitively with other full standing desks. Still, the cost is steep for the general consumer. What also pads this price is the five-year warranty that comes with it.

Build, Build, Build

The one memorable downside to this desk comes with assembling it. While I do respect that the box includes all the necessary tools to put together the desk, looking back on the build, the frustration comes with interpreting the instructions provided in the box.

The instructions show everything at a corner view from far away. Much of the placement of parts makes sense, where you just find the necessary amount of pre-drilled holes and align the part. Still, I had to disassemble the legs and swap them because of how the instructions present the build.

Fortunately, EZ Shopper released a construction video on its website, which helps clarify some of the more specific aspects of the build. Still, if you’re anything like me, juggling a phone while trying to build something takes more micromanaging than just yanking a paper of instructions around.

A Sleek, Premium Gaming Desk Option

When it comes to furniture, I tend to find the thriftiest version of what I want and use it. However, the EZ Desk Carbon Edition has me juggling the idea of getting another one for my office at work. The cost is pricey, and the build has its own difficulties.

Despite that, the more time I spend with it, the more I start to change my current setup to accentuate it. This is the kind of product that makes you soon forget how much it cost you because of how simple yet resourceful it is.

Review unit kindly provided by distributor.

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