Far Cry 6 review – not quite the revolution, but a solid entry all the same


For many fans, Far Cry 3 was the pinnacle of the Far Cry experience. It cast likeable jock douche Jason Brody as a fish out of water, learning to survive in the jungles and beaches of the Rook Islands. Underskilled, outnumbered and stranded on a strange lump of rock and moss with the psychotic Vaas hot on your heels, it always felt like you were one tiny step away from tragedy and an untimely death.

More recent Far Cry’s have progressively steered away from 3’s set-up, making each protagonist more and more of a one-person war machine – it’s less about survival of the individual and more about the survival of a revolution. With Far Cry 6, we see the culmination of that ideology – Ubisoft boasts that on Yara, you’ll be made to feel like a single Guerilla fighter taking up the space of an entire army. Dani Rojas is ex-military, instantly proficient in all weapons and vehicles, and a natural, but reluctant leader. They were made for this.

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