Final Fantasy 14’s Next Live Letter Focuses On Endwalker Job Changes

Final Fantasy 14's Endwalker-focused Live Letter is now confirmed for September 17, officially set to begin at 7 pm PST. During the broadcast, you'll likely learn a little more about how version 6.0 will adjust current jobs, implement battle changes, and address the iconic fanfest slide on Removing Belts.

Just like Live Letters leading into previous expansions, Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida will break down how things are changing to accommodate the addition of two new roles—Sage and Reaper—and just what you can expect from the jobs you're already playing. Live Letters of expansions past typically get pretty in the weeds on how new jobs will work and detail any significant battle system bits, but exact potencies and functionality have a history of changing on launch day, so take any damage reveals with a grain of salt.

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As for Square Enix's official announcement on the stream, there's nothing that details exactly what updates Yoshida will cover, but previous 6.0 presentations can help us make an educated guess. During the Endwalker reveal, Final Fantasy 14's producer noted we can expect to see a major stat crunch, so those numbers flying over your head and boss HP bars should scale down drastically to accommodate for the exponential growth we see with every expansion. Yoshida also revealed your Warrior of Light will lose their belt item slot, accommodating for those stat changes elsewhere. It's the same announcement that gave us the iconic "Removing Belts" slide that the MMO's community can't stop laughing about.

Endwalker's launch will also usher in new healing and melee DPS classes Sage and Reaper. The addition of Sage marks the first time Final Fantasy 14 has added a healer since Heavensward, and the new Sage job means the role will see a bit of a rebalancing. It's confirmed that the Astrologian class will shift its focus from a shielding/raw health restoration hybrid into a pure-healing role, like White Mage. Sage will jump in where the Heavensward job left off, becoming a shielding ally alongside Scholar.

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