Fortnite and Minecraft overtake Overwatch as most searched for games on Pornhub

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Does Minecraft porn involve people wearing cardboard boxes on their heads? We refuse to find out (pic: Nintendo)

According to Pornhub’s end of year statistics, more people get their jollies off to Fortnite characters than they did Overwatch.

While Epic Games assuredly takes pride in Fortnite being one of the most popular games in the world, we wonder if it would be just as pleased knowing it’s also the most searched for game on Pornhub.

Pornhub always shares end of year statistics for its website and they’re always weirdly fascinating when it comes to video games, with this year seeing Overwatch losing its position as most searched for term to both Fortnite and Minecraft.

Although Minecraft is currently enjoying a boost in popularity in general it comes at a time when Overwatch is at a low ebb in terms of media presence. Plus, all the stories coming out of Activision about its workplace culture clearly haven’t helped.

For some reason, 2018 mobile game Brawl Stars made it into the top five, beating out franchises like Final Fantasy and even Cyberpunk 2077. Considering what its character designs are like, it only raises further questions that we’re honestly happy not knowing the answers to.

As for specific characters, Lara Croft is unsurprisingly at the very top, with Overwatch’s D. Va taking second place despite her game’s overall drop in popularity (and despite canonically being 19-years-old).

Shockingly, Lady Dimitrescu isn’t mentioned at all, even though her dominating presence and height in Resident Evil Village made her that game’s breakout star.

The most searched for male character is, once again, Super Mario himself, which we can’t imagine Nintendo being happy about. In fact, quite a few Nintendo characters made the top 20, including Link, Princess Peach, and… Pikachu. Excuse us while we bleach our brains real quick.

Funnily enough, while Fortnite was the most popular search overall, it doesn’t look like people were searching for specific characters. The first Fortnite character to make it into the charts is Jules, and she didn’t even break into the top 20.

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Pornhub also tracks which game consoles were used to browse its site this year. Unsurprisingly, PlayStation and Xbox were the go-to choices, although 2.2% of all console traffic came from some very dedicated PlayStation Vita users.

Compared to last year, traffic from Nintendo consoles dropped by a whopping 90.6%, but this is no doubt because nobody is really using the web browsers on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U anymore and the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have one.

Don’t ask us (pic: PornHub)

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