Fortnite Chapter 2 Marks Finale With One-Time Event Called ‘The End’

Fortnite Chapter 2 Is Ending With a Huge In-Game Event Called “The End”

Fortnite Chapter 2 is nearing its end a little over two years since it was launched. Epic Games has decided to mark the chapter’s finale with a huge event called The End. The event will begin on December 4th at 4pm EST.

Just like many other events within the Fortnite universe, The End will be an in-game playlist. Players can queue for up to 30 minutes before its scheduled start time. It will be a special one-time only event. This means that Fortnite Chapter 2 players will not be given the opportunity to view it in replays. Once the event is done—whenever that may be, Epic Games is not running it again.


Content creators and players looking to relive the final moments of Fortnite Chapter 2 should take steps to record and archive their experience as replays will not be available,” Epic Games announced.

Unfortunately, there is no word on what The End will bring. However, Fortnite fans speculate that Chapter 3 could be introducing a brand new map to the mix.

The finale to Fortnite Chapter 1 was a huge in-game event—probably the biggest the game has ever had at the time. It was so massive that the game even had to be taken offline for several hours just to update the game and its servers. Fortnite devs treated fans with a whole new map—a first in Fortnite history—once the servers were back online.

Epic also told Fortnite fans that they will be “unable to edit their settings once The End begins.” “Please adjust any visual options to your preferred viewing experience before joining,” they added. “Because the Season will end a day early, all players who log in before the end of the Season will receive a 225,000 XP reward.”

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