Ghost of Tsushima Guide – How to Farm Iron, Steel and Gold, and Upgrade the Katana

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It takes a bit of time to get used to combat in Ghost of Tsushima. But if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, it might be worth upgrading your weapons and armor. Along with Supplies, Iron and Steel will be required to do this – they’re found in villages occupied by the Mongols, inns and farmsteads.

For instance, the Traveler’s Rest Inn has one Iron and one Steel and simply requires exploring the location. Check inside for the Iron and outside the forge in a chest for the Steel. If you go to the Yagata Farmstead, you’ll receive 12 Iron and a minor increase to your Legend when rescuing hostages and killing enemies without healing (which is a bonus).

Certain Tales of Tsushima will also confer these materials upon completion so keep an eye out. Note that the final upgrades for the katana will require Gold. This can be obtained either from liberating occupied strongholds (outposts and farms don’t count) or exchanged with Trappers for Supplies.

Upgrading the Katana

Once you’ve obtained Iron and Steel, it isn’t a simple matter of simply going to the menu and applying upgrades to Jin’s katana. You’ll need to find a Swordsmith. Check different towns, temples and camps for one. Keep an eye out for any locations with vendors whose icons are shining gold on the world map – this happens when an upgrade becomes available. Hovering over the icon will indicate which vendor has an upgrade for you.

If you’re looking to give the katana some cosmetic flair, exchange flowers for dyes or look out for Pillars of Honor. The latter provide Sword Kits which will alter the design of the sheathe and hilt. Merchants will also sell Sword Kits for flowers so it might be worth hitting them up when the opportunity arises.

Here are the different materials you’ll need to upgrade the katana:

  • Level 2 Upgrade – 150 Supplies, 10 Iron
  • Level 3 Upgrade – 300 Supplies, 25 Iron, 5 Steel
  • Level 4 Upgrade – 450 Supplies, 40 Iron, 10 Steel
  • Level 5 Upgrade – 600 Supplies, 65 Iron, 20 Steel, 2 Gold
  • Level 6 Upgrade – 750 Supplies, 80 Iron, 40 Steel, 4 Gold
  • Level 7 Upgrade – 1000 Supplies, 100 Iron, 80 Steel, 6 Gold

For more information on Ghost of Tsushima, check out our review of the game here.

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