God Of War: Ragnarok Will Be At Sony Showcase Next Week, Says Insider

According to an insider, the next God of War game, presumably titled God of War: Ragnarok, will be featured at Sony's upcoming PlayStation Showcase.

This rumour comes courtesy of Shpeshal Nick, who previously leaked Ghost of Tsushima's Iki island expansion long before the Director's Cut was announced.

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Nick linked back to a post he'd made a few days before the PlayStation Showcase announcement, which said, "So I was receiving a lot of DMs last month about whether there’d be an August show from Sony and I said to all my source hadn’t heard anything. But now I’m being told to expect something in September. What it is isn’t exactly clear right now. Hopefully I’ll get more info."

This was eventually proven true just a few days later, with Sony confirming a PlayStation Showcase for next week. Nick quote-tweeted his previous post about the showcase, this time showing a message that he had sent on Discord. Nick asks his source, "Just checking again. God of War gonna be there?", to which the unknown person simply replies, "yes".

Considering we haven't really seen anything about the next God of War, it's not too far-fetched to believe that it'll get a proper unveiling at the PlayStation Showcase. It's easily PlayStation's most anticipated title at the moment, so leading with it front and centre would make a lot of sense.

Of course, Cory Barlog could have been right all this time and Ragnarok simply doesn't exist. He's even changed his Twitter bio to say, "Never heard of it" in Vulcan, as well as changing his header image to the first piece of God of War artwork that had the phrase "Ragnarok is coming" hidden within it.

Later that same day, Shpeshal Nick said, "Because I really can’t be bothered replying to all the DMs in getting, in trying to find out more about the show. There’s a couple of things I’m hearing that I wanna get confirmation on before I say anything. But if they’re true…".

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