Guild Wars 2: Dragon Bash festival start date, events, and more

Guild Wars 2 has no shortage of festivals and events in the game. Featuring festivals similar to real-world events and events that fit in with the game’s unique lore, there is no shortage of booked-out dates on the calendar. The game recently celebrated the Super Adventure Box festival, which took players to the platform jumping mini-world to earn various rewards and fight weird and wonderful creatures. Now, players can look forward to the Dragon Bash festival following this.

Dragon Bash origins

The Dragon Bash festival was first held in Lion’s Arch following the defeat of the Undead Dragon Zhaitan and launched in 2013 as an event for players to participate in. It was held in Lion’s Arch until 2019 when it was moved to the Norn capital city of Hoelbrak, where it remains for now. The reasoning behind the Dragon Bash festival was to brighten the mood of the general population following the destruction and loss caused by Zhaitan and his minions. Dragon’s Bash was brought back after being canceled, the events of the Sky Pirates Living World chapter detailing exactly why for those players who weren’t around the first time it happened.

Dragon Bash start date

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Dragon Bash is slated to release on June 7, and the game will need to be restarted if you’re online when it drops. Unfortunately, the game will be unavailable to play while you’re updating, and when you reenter, you’ll receive your mail with the invitation to the festival. Alternatively, you can Waypoint to Hoelbrak or use the Asura Gates in Lion’s Arch.

Dragon Bash events

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Dragon Bash has several events that players can participate in to earn the festival-specific currencies, Zhaitaffy and Jorbreakers. Players can choose the events they want to join in and earn their rewards how they like. Players can also look forward to a firework finale as a closing ceremony to the event. Historically events for Dragon Bash include the following:

  • Dragon Piñatas: Hunt down the various Piñatas scattered around Hoelbrak to earn Zhaitaffy.
  • Moa Racing: Bet on your favorite Moa to win the race and earn some Zhaitaffy. The event repeats every 5 minutes.
  • Hologram Stampede: Fight hordes of holographic dragon minions in various zones around the city. It is on a 15-minute repeating timer.
  • Dragon Arena: A dungeon exclusive to this festival. Players need to beat up waves of minions and the wave-specific Champion. The faster you do this, the better your rewards. Players can play with random players in a public lobby or in a private one with their friends.
  • Time Trial: Dragon Bash Rally: Race your way through the checkpoints as quickly as you can.
  • Dragon Bash Rally: An event version of the race, players can use their Mount in a public race to the finish line.
  • Piñata Bashing: A timed race to smash as many Piñatas as you possibly can before the timer runs

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