Halo’s Master Chief DJs And Is Also A Cat In Surreal Xbox Series X Commercial

xbox series x

Microsoft’s new generation of consoles came out last month. They are taking a very different approach to the console space by releasing two separate consoles with two different specs. The higher-end one is the Xbox Series X, of which you can see our take on through here. A big part of the marketing behind the systems was “Power Your Dream,” and today we got a pretty wild dream powered by…Xbox?

Microsoft has teamed up with a variety of artists and gaming streamers to produce some lucid dreams to tie in with that marketing. Apparently, they did some lucid dreaming experiences with those streamers and are having people interpret those in surreal shorts. Taika Waititi, Director of Thor: Ragnarok, did that for MoonLiteWolf, recounting their dream shortly after playing a Series X. It’s a surreal experience that largely doesn’t have much to do with games until Master Chief of Halo fame shows up to DJ on a galactic level. Also, he’s a cat.

The Xbox Series X, and its little brother the Series S, are available now, though stock is said to be low until at least next year.

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