HexGaming Hex Rival PS5 esports controller launches today

HexGaming Hex Rival PS5 esports controller launches today

There’s a new controller out now for competitive gamers. The HexGaming Hex Rival for PlayStation 5 is described as the “ultimate” esports controller.

“The HexGaming Hex Rival controller for PS5 is a fully modular video game controller made using authentic PS5 controllers customized specifically for esports gamers,” the company says. “Made with an innovative modular design, users can switch components in and out to fit their hands to adapt to different playing styles and specific games, while increasing control for optimal performance.”

The controller features six-in-one interchangeable thumbsticks with three different heights. It also has two different thumb grip designs: domed or concave. There’s even an option to remap buttons during a game to assign up to 15 buttons to the rear buttons.

Of course, the big sticking point is the price. The HexGaming Hex Rival retails for $289.99 at Amazon. So it will set you back about as much as buying a brand new Nintendo Switch console.

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