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How Long Is Metroid Dread?


Metroid Dread is the Metroid franchise’s long-awaited return to its roots as a side-scrolling 2D-platformer. It’s the fourteenth game in Nintendo’s successful space franchise, and it’s available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

As well-received as some of the 3D installments have been, particularly 2002’s Metroid Prime, fans and gaming commentators have been waiting for Metroid to return to its classic format for years. In fact, this game has been 15 years in the making. Metroid Dread was initially developed in the mid-2000s for the Nintendo DS, but the platform’s technical limitations led to its cancellation. After Metroid: Samus Returns was released on the 3DS in 2017, Yoshio Sakamoto, who has steered the franchise since 1986’s original, got MercurySteam to bring Dread back to life.

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