How to use photo mode in Horizon Forbidden West


Photo mode isn’t something new. In fact, many games that release nowadays have a photo mode for you to take advantage of so you can snap as many fancy photos of the protagonist as you want. Horizon Forbidden West has a great photo mode with a ton of features. Here is how you access it.

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To access Horizon Forbidden West’s photo mode, you simply need to press the options button. This will bring up the start menu. Below the other options like Load Game and Resume, you will see the option to enter Photo Mode. Select it to bring up the UI for the photo mode. You can even open it while in the middle of combat or flying through the air for those sweet action shots.

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The photo mode in Horizon Forbidden West is packed full of features for you to take advantage of. You can alter Aloy’s pose and facial expression, change the angle of the shot, mess with the lighting and time of day, and even add borders to make everything look pretty as can be. While in photo mode, use the direction pad to move through the menu, the R1 and L1 buttons to change menus, R2 and L2 to move the camera up and down, and the left stick to move the camera along a horizontal plane.

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